segunda-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2014

The Triad Trial - Alpaca team at the Global Game Jam

The Triad Trial is a platform game in which you must control three mythological birds trying to regain their ability to fly. In it, you control 3 screens simultaneously. In each screen, certain elements/parts of the game are visible: you can merge all the characters into a totem to see all those elements together, but then you lack movement.
This game was made in 48 hours during 2014’s Global Game Jam.

                 Some of the first sketches.


 I worked with the Team helping with the Character Design and Animation.

Programming: Camis Rocha & Trevis Bonifácio
Art: Chi, Midio, Tassi Magalhães
Game Design, QA & Balancing: Noia and Luiza de Carli
Music & Sound Design: Bruno Silva

Thanks for the visit!

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